Chilling Dutch Proposal for a “National Racism Register”

“Left-wing party demands 1,000 strong racism police and national anti-immigration register,” reads a headline in the UK Daily Express, referring to The Netherlands (Holland).

A national “racism register”would be established listing all citizens who badmouth migrants and immigration.

Left-wing parties, as anyone who’s not left-wing already knows, use the term “racism” not to abolish actual racism, but to abolish dissenting opinion.

It’s not hard to imagine what a national racism register would look like in Holland, the United States or anywhere else. It would be a register of those who don’t agree with the prevailing left-wing viewpoints of socialized medicine, political indoctrination in schools, appeasement of Islamic terrorists and unlimited, indiscriminate immigration merged with unlimited, indiscriminate expansion of public welfare and social insurance programs.

Anyone who’s not a “liberal” or leftist in America, as well as Holland, would be subject to a “racism register.” What do you think leftists are getting at when they claim you’re a racist not for promoting false generalizations of people by race, but simply by opposing socialism and political correctness?

Imagine a law outlawing “badmouthing”?! How can such a law mean anything other than restraints on freedom of speech?

And what will the proposed anti-racism police look like? Like all police, they’ll carry guns and use the full extent of modern technology to storm your house, seize your computers or whatever they feel justified in doing when called to investigate your “badmouthing.”

Any who are convicted would be banned from jobs in the public sector and within government.

In the ideal left-wing world, all or most jobs are provided by the government. Government certainly has its fingers in just about every pot, as it is. It’s called corporate socialism. Especially if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, the “pay to play” policies of the Clinton Foundation will be omnipresent because Hillary Clinton will now be the government.

The 1,000 strong racism police would fine people who are being discriminatory or racist – crimes which they believe too few people are prosecuted for – and current penalties would skyrocket under the party.

It’s not that they think too few are prosecuted for what they call racism. They believe it’s not easy enough to do so. Western requirements for due process, proof and objectivity do not lend themselves well to laws against racism and “discrimination,” because discrimination is often rational and necessary, as part of human thinking and decision-making. You don’t hire children to do an adult’s job. If your job requires physical strength, you will mostly hire men and you’ll even select some women before some men. Discrimination–rationally defined, for rational reasons–is everywhere, and it has to be. Yes, racism can be subtle, irrational and even subconscious. But how’s the law to prove it, and by what right does the government deny people the right to discriminate, whether that discrimination is irrational, or not?

Any citizens who are found guilty of being racist should be sent to re-education classes, they say, similar to classes for speeding motorists.

Do you wonder what the left-wing version of concentration camps would look like? This is it. Sure, it would start out as day camps. But once the principle is established that government may herd dissenters together under the label of “racist,” because of their appearance on the “racism register,” then the stage is set to go all the way. It’s not like the government wouldn’t lie about it, and get away with it for a time.

They would be aimed at: “Fighting the ideas underlying everyday manifestations of discrimination.”

And a ban on words like “native” and “immigrant” would be introduced, alongside a national holiday to celebrate diversity.

How do you force any ideas on a population merely by requiring citizens to endorse them? It’s not only an unjust violation of free speech, free thought and free association. It’s laughably impossible. Have people learned nothing from the evil disasters and practical failures of Nazi Germany and Communist countries? Remember, it’s The Netherlands in 2016 we’re talking about. It’s not Soviet Russia 1917 and it’s not Nazi Germany 1933.

In the United States, people who oppose Hillary Clinton, Obama and the array of leftist policies imposed on all of us are routinely branded as racist. Even in America, charges of “hate speech” are slowly starting to merge with the idea of “hate crime.” I suspect your average Democrat now agrees: If it’s hate speech, why shouldn’t it be a hate crime? And isn’t opposition to politicians like Hillary Clinton the equivalent of a hate crime?

We’re not as far as you think from Holland’s trends. Especially if Hillary Clinton wins and left-wing mentalities are given a lock on the federal government and Supreme Court for generations to come, how long do you think before the United States has its own “national racism register” and mandatory “re-education” camps now gaining some support in The Netherlands?


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