Hillary’s 10 Breathtaking Fallacies in the Debate

Fallacy #1: Hillary says there’s no conflict between the individual right to own a gun and “reasonable” regulation of guns. Wrong. This would be like saying there’s no conflict between the individual right to free speech and regulations on what that speech should be. You don’t need permission from the government to speak, and you don’t need permission from the government to defend yourself.

Fallacy #2: Hillary says government should stay out of people’s health care when it comes to abortion. Then why is government involved in EVERYTHING else in health care? Socialized medicine, including Obamacare and the universal health care she still supports, means government sets the benefits and terms. Why must the right to sovereignty over your own body end at the boundaries of a woman’s uterus?

Fallacy #3: Hillary says we can be a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. Yet Obama unilaterally rescinded the existing laws on immigration when he granted amnesty to illegal immigrants via executive order. She supports Obama’s actions, and will do the same if Congress does not make new laws to her liking. How is this lawful?

Fallacy #4: Hillary says sending illegal immigrants back to their homelands is not “who we are.” But what about denying justice and fairness to those who DID enter the country legally? Apparently upholding double standards is who we are.

Fallacy #5: Hillary says we have never had a foreign government like Russia take a stand in a presidential election. What about the nations and organizations, some of them Muslim supporters of Jihad, who give money to Hillary through the Clinton Foundation? As Trump correctly pointed out, Hillary takes money from organizations who support murdering gays and lesbians and who engage in the denigration of women. As bad as Putin is, aren’t these Muslim savages even worse?

Fallacy #6: Hillary says Donald Trump cannot be trusted with his finger on the nuclear button. Can she? Given her acceptance of money from organizations and governments committed to the destruction of America, how can we be sure she would strike a nation, with nuclear weapons if necessary, if it threatened or attacked us? Even if a Muslim nation like Iran gained nuclear weapons and used them against America or its allies, would Hillary ever strike back? After all, she owes them. Her debt could be the death of us all.

Fallacy #7: Hillary says we should have an educational system through college and trade school. We already have colleges and trade schools. She means that she wants government-controlled colleges and trade schools. Why should we assume government funding of colleges will be any less expensive, or any higher in quality, than grades K thru 12 have been?

Fallacy #8: She says she would not add a penny to the national debt. How on earth is this possible? America’s government spends trillions more than it will make two generations from now, assuming the economy even grows between now and then. Existing programs add to the debt by the second. She claims entitlement spending is containable. How?  “Entitlement” by definition means free money, and it’s yours by right. The demand for freebies is unlimited. And freebies are how Hillary Clinton buys her votes and has achieved her power. Why would she want to contain them?

Fallacy #9: Hillary says wealth and economic growth do not move from the top down, but from the bottom up. Exactly how? This means that jobs and wealth are created by people making minimum wage, while people who have millions and either spend or invest it have no impact on the economy. In what universe is this backward reasoning true?!

Fallacy #10: Hillary claims that “vetting” will prevent terrorists from bringing their brutality into America. It won’t,  because terrorists lie and pretend that they are not terrorists. Islam is not a race or nationality. It’s not even just a religion. It’s an ideology more explicitly and consistently dedicated to the slaughter of innocent individuals than any ideology since Communism or Nazism. We evade this fact at our peril.

As she grins her way through these debates, Hillary lies with more ease and false confidence than anyone I have ever seen. That includes any politician who has ever run for office in our once-great nation.

How on earth can anyone consider voting for the lunacy this woman represents? If she wins, heaven help us all.

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