Obama Sells What’s Left of America’s Soul to Iran

U.S. officials wouldn’t let a plane carrying $400 million take off for Iran until three U.S. prisoners departed Iran in January, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The mechanics of the exchange all but confirm accusations that the $400 million in cash was a ransom payment. Saeed Abedini, a former Iranian hostage told The Wall Street Journal, Iranian intelligence officials told him his plane could not take off until the movements of a second plane were confirmed. The second plane is like the U.S. cargo plane carrying $400 million in cash.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps General Reza Naghdi further confirmed the ransom story in January, telling Iranian state media “Taking this much money back was in return for the release of the American spies.”

Obama administration officials dispute the ransom narrative, claiming the payment was part of a series of scheduled payments and happened to coincide with the hostage release. At the time, President Obama credited “strong American diplomacy,” and touted his deal with Iran for making the negotiations possible.


Most people recognize Hillary Clinton is a liar. They still might elect her President, but they know she’s a liar.

On the other hand, most people would probably say President Obama is not a liar. But isn’t this the most blatant, clumsy and sleaziest of lies you could ever imagine?

How could Obama be a liar? Here’s how you solve the mystery. Socialism, anti-Americanism, anit-liberty, and anti-Constitutionalism, Islam — all the things Obama firmly and consistently stands for — are based on lies. Anyone who can lie to himself about such things can surely lie to others.

Socialism is the lie that you can create something out of nothing, and generate wealth and prosperity via stealing (or “borrowing”) other people’s money. Islam is based on a gigantic lie, that redemption will only come through suicide, homicide, or – at best – giving up all earthly happiness and contentment in service to the ruling religious dictators on earth. Islam is the most toxic and dangerous cult mankind has ever devised, and it threatens to devour the world not because of its strength, but because of our own pitiful weakness.

So it’s no surprise that Obama lied about giving ransom money to Iran. If Obama is capable of creating this level of self-delusion about Islam and socialism, then why are we surprised when it happens in the case of lying that he paid ransom to free American hostages from Iran?

America is sinking so low, at such a gradual yet decisive and progressive pace, that people hardly seem to notice or care. Can you imagine a president even ten years ago getting away with this? The headlines would thunder, “President pays $400 million to Iran in exchange for hostages, evidence shows,” particularly if the president were a Republican. Back in the day, even Democratic president Jimmy Carter would not have gotten away with this; but Barack Obama just glides right on by, selling off American safety and integrity like a tawdry pawn shop owner (no offense to pawn shops).

Just think about what our government is doing. Iran, whose regime began with the taking of hostages for over a year back in 1979-81, repeatedly and openly threatens to wipe Israel off the map, and ultimately destroy the Great Satan of America. What makes America evil, in Iranian dictators’ eyes, are the very things we supposedly hold precious and most of us now take for granted: Our liberties as protected by a secular, religiously neutral government. Instead of holding them accountable for their actions and standing up to their bullying brutality, we appease them with self-effacing “treaties” they openly refuse to honor, and pay them off to give us back our hostages, in the process.

Iran and Islam stand for the exact opposite of what progressive leftists like Obama claim to represent: separation of church and state. We now bow down to these brutal, sadistic religious despots and secretly give them ransom money, not so much to save hostages as to protect a president from embarrassment. And oh, he lies about it. And oh, nobody cares. Bring on President Hillary for more of the same!

Is this who we now are, America?

I am disgusted with our president, but I’m even more disgusted with the majority of Americans for letting all this happen on their watch and, increasingly, with their full endorsement (particularly if they give Obama a third term in the form of Hillary Clinton).

Good luck to all of us once Iran has the nuclear weapons it openly intends to make – and use.

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