Welfare State Socialism, Not Immigration, is Killing America

In 2013, a sample of Latinos living in the United States were asked if they agreed or disagreed with the following statement:

“Democrats are closer to the leaders we had in Latin America, always giving handouts to get votes. If we let them have their way, we will end up being like the countries our families come from, not like the America of great opportunities we all came to.”

The results? 59 percent agree; 34 percent disagree.

It’s interesting to think that a majority of Latinos living in America would respond this way, while an even more overwhelming majority continue to vote for Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all the other Democrats.

Conventional, established thinking tells us that Republicans and other non-progressives are racists, and Democrats are not. The proof of this assertion is thought to reside in the fact that Democrats wish to spend money on programs benefitting Latinos, while Republicans supposedly do not.

But it’s more complicated than that, if this poll has any accuracy.

If you think about it, it’s racist to assume that racial minorities – Hispanics, or any other perceived victim group – must depend on government handouts in the first place.

Remember that racism elevates group identity above individual identity. It’s individualists who are called racists, but it’s individualists who say the character and value of people reside in their own individual qualities and choices, not their membership in a biological or cultural group.

The tragedy of America is that it’s gradually and progressively going the way of the poor, corrupt Latin American countries from which most of these Latino-Americans fled. On the one hand, they see this corruption in their home countries for what it is. Not only do these poll numbers reflect it, but the fact they chose to leave those countries proves it. Why would you go through the trauma and difficulty of leaving your home country unless it was really terrible, and unless you had good reason to believe there was a better life elsewhere? And yet, once here, they vote in overwhelming numbers for the Democratic candidates over the Republicans, the ones on the leading edge of expanding the multitrillion dollar welfare state which diminishes economic growth and erodes the character and independence of the population, as a whole.

It’s a paradox that Republicrat enablers of the welfare state don’t wish us to consider: A better life will only emerge if you work for it. When you work for something, you become personally invested in it. You have the potential to experience pride and psychological ownership in it. When someone does almost everything else for you, and takes care of you, then your self-esteem, your self-respect and eventually your good will toward others erodes and disappears.

Psychologically, that’s the state of these countries in Latin America and elsewhere where corrupt government officials seek to take care of everyone, and in the process destroy innovation, independence, self-respect and the robust prosperity you only see in nations and civilizations where economic freedom is the dominant trend. What do you think these millions of immigrants are fleeing? Capitalism and wealth, the things Democrats and socialists fight the hardest to extinguish here in America?

Sadly, world historians may one day record that Americans let go of the best thing human history had ever seen. And one of the ironies of the early twenty-first century, they will record, is that millions of people fleeing Latin American welfare states came to the United States, only to find a bigger and more corrupt welfare state awaiting them as the once great country declined.

It’s not immigrants killing us. It’s the policies embodied by the idea that government must force some people to take care of others. Just ask Latino immigrants, who come from countries where the policies currently destroying America already did their own countries in.

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