Bastille Day, Islamic Style

Here we go again.

Soon, it will be news when there’s not a terrorist attack against civilization, freedom, democracy, separation of church and state or anything else we claim to hold dear but never defend.

I am so sick of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and others saying they “condemn in the strongest possible terms” acts of terrorist violence.

Who cares what they condemn? The terrorists? They surely don’t. Who cares if these morally vapid weasels, Obama and Clinton, condemn anything? They haven’t a leg of credibility to stand on! ISIS started under their watch.

If you really felt condemnatory towards Islamic terrorism, wouldn’t you start by calling it … Islamic terrorism? That’s what advocates of Islam (proudly) call it. Why can’t we?

Shouldn’t a president — the commander-in-chief charged with protecting us against these acts of violence — call together the best and brightest in our military and figure out how to retaliate against this relentless bloodshed in the most ruthless and effective way? And I don’t mean a ground war against a government unrelated to the violence. We already tried that. I’m talking obliterating ISIS, and I’m also talking Iran’s savage rulers. These barbaric entities should be wiped off the face of the map, just for starters.

How much more of this are we supposed to take, not just in America but in the entire civilized Western world?

It’s ludicrous to the point of dark humor to hear the current U.S. president “strongly condemn” acts of terrorism when there’s nothing — absolutely nothing — he ever intends to do about it, and everyone knows it. Ditto for Hillary Clinton.

America used to lead the world in the defense of freedom. Although they never showed it that much, the French had a lot to thank the United States for after its victory in World War II against the Nazis, as well as its ultimate victory over Soviet Communism a few decades later. By saving ourselves and our freedom, we saved them too.

Today, France stands vulnerable and almost helpless in a world where the United States does not show a shred of moral courage against evil. If this were 1942 and if ISIS were the Nazis, and if Obama was the president, Hitler would roll right over us.

The White House saying it “strongly condemns” acts of terrorism is a joke. It would be like “strongly condemning” a rapist without attempting to escape or ever press charges.

Unless Americans wake up, and demand totally opposite policies from ideologically opposite leaders, America is done. And so is the rest of the free world.

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