How To Defeat Islamofascism

I do not understand why the very idea of keeping out Muslims – since virtually all attacks and acts of terrorism against the United States arise from Islam – is such a controversial idea.

The conventional argument (which I’m getting sick of) is, “That’s not who we are.” What does this mean? If we’re talking about peaceful people who only want to live self-responsible lives, keeping immigrants out of the United States is NOT who we are. But there’s also a lot of other things we’re not supposed to be, like a $20 trillion in debt welfare state.

The issue is not whether to use immigration officials to keep out terrorists; presumably, that’s already happening, although they’re not very successful at it, are they? (The Orlando shooter’s parents were immigrants and probably support terrorism themselves.) The real issue is how to best go about it, something reasonable people (if any still exist) are capable of investigating and debating.

It’s disingenuous and dishonest to call anyone who says we’ve got to do a better job keeping out Muslim terrorists a “racist.” Islam, as we have been reminded yet again by the Orlando tragedy, is not a quiet, peaceful religion. Islam does not refer to a racial characteristic. It’s an ideology. If we had treated Nazis like we treat Islamofascism today, Hitler would have won. Ditto for Communism.

Of course, it’s a mistake to fixate on immigration as the solution to the terrorist problem. It’s only a side issue. The fact remains that Islamic-inspired acts of terrorism, like Orlando, San Bernardino, 9/11 and the others which are coming, are acts of war against the United States. We never retaliated for 9/11, to say nothing of the attacks since then. Brave, capable military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan have done nothing to stop the rise of ISIS. We need a far stronger approach. What we’re doing is not working.

What America desperately needs, for a start, is what we did in the 1980s: A massive military buildup, centered on weaponry. We need to build the biggest and scariest machines and bombs possible.

I know that the peaceniks will scream at this idea. “That will just make things worse.” What’s the alternative? Doing nothing, and standing by helplessly while the attacks get worse and worse? Do you really think outlawing firearms will prevent Islamofascists from continuing to use them, not to mention nuclear or biological tools once they have the capability? At what point will we start to fight back?

Peace will strength is the only thing that will save us. We have not been strong against Islamic terrorism, and now we’re paying the price. Also, very important: Strength requires economic growth, which will only happen under unhampered capitalism. Part of the reason we’re so vulnerable to Islamic barbarism is that we no longer have a robust, free economy. We denigrate innovators, business and wealth-creators. Yet where would we be without them?

Strength will only matter if we have a military build-up like the world has never seen and, sadly, be prepared to use some of our weapons because Islamic terrorists are not going to back down. Not now, not ever.

We have to hit them at home, but with something far stronger than pinprick, token strikes on mini-targets and rules of engagement for soldiers requiring them to above all else, never, ever offend Islam.

War is hell, I know. Don’t blame that fact on those of us who wish to be strong. Blame it on the Muslims, and others, who seek out war in the first place.

Either we face these facts, or eventually many more of us will die, and life as we know it will end. If you think I’m wrong, then just keep reading the headlines.

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