Eleven Go-To Words of the Hostile Leftist

As a therapist, it’s my job to make people think. When I post politically related articles on my website or on Facebook, I look forward to intelligent and well-thought out feedback — either positive or negative. Virtually 100% of the leftist responses I receive contain no substantive ideas or intellectual rebuttals whatsoever. What they do contain are the same hysterical, worn-out insults that the desperate drag out when they have no answer to ideas that challenge their denial over today’s horrific political climate.

So, as a public service, below I have listed 11 of the leftists’ favorite emotionally charged words they use to distract from the fact that they simply don’t have anything else to say. To those of you who criticize our political and social Establishment, or who post my articles — you’ll see these pop up over and over again, signaling that the responder has no answer other than to try to intimidate and insult. I’m looking forward to some new little gems that will certainly appear in response to this very article!

(1) Racist, (2) Stupid, (3) Inflammatory, (4) Bigoted, (5) Fascist, (6) Fraud, (7) Idiot, (8) Hater, (9) Liar, (10) Moron, and (11) Misogynist.

Interestingly, in response to words like “Trump, “military,” and “gun,” the hysterical left will often use words 1 through 5 to modify words 6 through 11, i.e., “Racist Moron,” and “Fascist Fraud” (whatever that is). Each and every one of these words has been lifted from actual responses I receive on a daily basis. And not a one — not even one, mind you — offers any intelligent point or thought.

The 11 go-to words listed above (and often typed in all capital letters) are all that leftists have. When they call you such things, they are really saying, “I have no response to your point, and I’m really, really angry about that.” Not unlike children on a playground, name calling always stems from weakness and confusion, not strength and certainty.

Let’s hope that it’s just words and ideas, not shooting sprees and suicide bombers, that these poor misguided folks will ever have to encounter.

P.S. I dedicate today’s column to the many readers who write or tell me, in secret, that they agree with most of what I say; but are afraid to publicly acknowledge it because of irate leftist customers, family members or even spouses. How interesting — and how ironic — that those “in the closet” about their views are always afraid of the leftist emotional flailing. It’s never the other way around.

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