Criticizing or Questioning Islam is NOT “Racism”

When making the case against Islam, I repeatedly hear the charge, “Racist! Racist!”

How is being opposed to a philosophy, or an ideology, racist?

A philosophy, religion or ideology is not something you acquire via DNA, or heredity.

Racial pigmentation is.

To morally judge someone for an attribute irrelevant to character and choice, such as race, hair color, height, gender, and the like, is a contradiction in terms.

Morality refers to a chosen code one elects to follow. Race does not qualify as a choice.

However: To morally judge someone for the company they keep, or the ideology they endorse — whether openly, or via passive sanction — is totally fair game.

Nobody shouting “racist” when hearing a criticism of Islam would ever tolerate bloodshed waged by advocates of the KKK, fundamentalist Christians, or any other kind of organized hate group; nor should they.

Yet these same people will not tolerate any — I mean any — criticism hinted at, implied or stated about Islam.

What gives?

If someone says, “I’m a Muslim, and I don’t kill people, so stop stereotyping,” then my question in response is: “Why do you want to be part of an ideological movement responsible for so much murderous activity done in its name? Why not denounce or leave that movement, and become something else?”

But even to ask such a question will get you labeled, once again, a hateful racist.

People cannot control or change their race. But they can control or change what they believe. You do not have to believe in Islam, the religion of submission and death to nonbelievers. You have other choices, just like adovcates of white supremacy, Nazism, Communism, satanic death worship and other irrational ideologies have different choices.

Why are Muslims given a free pass, while nobody else is? What is different about Muslims, that they have no say in the matter of what they believe, while everyone else does?

When a white supremacist or a gay hater brutally murders an innocent person, we blame the victmizer … not the victims. When Muslims brutally murder on 9/11, or in Paris, or just about any other day of the week, we are told: “You must learn to love your neighbor.”

What the hell gives?

When people call you a “racist” for questioning the virtue or rationality of Islam, you better believe that something other than racism is their concern.


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