The Loathsome Injustice of Our So-Called Leaders

Hillary Still Wants to Bring in 65,000 Syrian Refugees.

Obama Recommits to Taking More Syrian Refugees.

So read the headlines.

Everyone wants to make sure Syrian refugees, who might be more likely to sponsor terrorism than, say, people who don’t subscribe to anti-American or pro-Islamic views, are able to get into the United States as quickly as possible.

Most of all, they want to be seen as supporting it. Instead of the loathsome insensitivity and injustice that it shows, it’s heralded as the epitome of self-conscious, “liberal” and “enlightened” virtue.

In what universe?

It reminds me of how President George W. Bush rushed, in the hours and days immediately after 9/11, to  brag about how he remained firmly committed to the idea that Islam is a “religion of peace.” And President Obama, who has spent 7 years in office, amidst Islamic-inspired beheadings, explosions and other forms of slaughters against infidels, insisting that it’s not about religion, it never was, and it never will be.

It’s astounding. It’s like a form of madness that inexplicably takes over, in its worst form, in the immediate aftermath of the most horrible of events.

It’s bipartisan. While Republicans might be somewhat less subject to this form of insanity than most Democrats, George W. Bush was the ultimate Republican. I don’t believe a President Mitt Romney would have been any different.

The issue here is deeper than suicide. Suicide, I don’t believe, is the motive of our politicians. Yes, such policies are obviously suicidal. European governments have been taking in more Islamic, West-hating immigrants than ever, and now look at what’s happening. But there’s something more sinister and depraved about this than the sense of futility of a person who has simply given up on living.

I don’t care if not every single Muslim is a terrorist. That isn’t the point. The point is: People who subscribe to this point of view, Islam, are much more likely to be terrorists than anyone else.  That’s just a fact. Their religion is organized around anti-Americanism, anti-Westernism and the brutal imposition of force on anyone they consider to be a non-believing infidel. Why the rush to embrace them over and above anyone else, at a time like this?

But these politicians who rush to take in more Muslim immigrants than ever, right on the heels of one of the worst Islamic-inspired terrorist events in years, are trying to prove something. Prove what? To prove how caring and compassionate they are. They feel that by doing something so obviously self-destructive and self-defeating, precisely at the moment when it makes the least sense, they are proving the point: “I am caring. I am compassionate. If I’m willing to take in the least desirable people at the worst possible time, then you know I’m caring and compassionate. I would die for my caring and compassion, if I have to. And I dare you to disagree with me.”

This is the essence of the political attitude. Yes, it’s leftist and Democratic, for the most part. But it’s much more — and much worse — than that.

It’s about sacrifice for its own sake. These politicians and other self-appointed moralists do this precisely because it’s stupid, suicidal and dangerous. They revel in it, and we — the majority who keep supporting and electing them — reward them for their astonishing lack of justice and rationality.

In my view, they are just as guilty as those who perpetrate this violence against us. We elect them to use reason, rationality and justice to keep us safe. That’s the first and primary purpose of a government — in fact, it’s the only real, valid and justified one: to keep innocent people physically safe.

These officials do precisely the opposite of what they are sworn by oath to do. Aren’t they just as bad as the people who do the actual murders?

In a way, they’re even worse. They’re guilty of the worst kind of pretense. These are the people we keep electing to protect us, from Obama on down.

Is it any wonder the world is collapsing around us?

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