“Perfect” is not Perfect

Blue balloon that reads Today is a Perfect Day for a Perfect Day

Too many people complain, “If life were only perfect…” By “perfect” they usually mean a state of existence in which everyone is infallible, and where nothing has to be earned. In truth, such a life would be boring. Of what value is achievement if there is nothing to achieve? How can anything be rewarding if no effort on your part is involved? Is something for nothing really the ideal–or is it just an escape hatch for those who do not want or have the confidence to live life to the fullest, with full freedom and full responsibility? A life without any need for effort would not have the “lows” of hard work; but it would not have the “highs” of pride, joy, and sense of accomplishment, either. Value without effort is a contradiction in terms.

from Dr. Michael Hurd’s second book, “Grow Up America!” available here



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