Isn’t an Islamic State Even Worse than al-Qaeda?

People who insist Obama is a good commander-in-chief brush aside the claim that he’s more than a little sympathetic to Islamic totalitarianism.

Yet consider these words on the website, explaining Obama’s recent policy of becoming militarily involved in Iraq:

Is ISIL more dangerous than al-Qaeda right now?

While both are terrorist forces, they have different ambitions. Al-Qaeda’s principal ambition is to launch attacks against the west and U.S. homeland. That’s the direct threat that we have taken direct action against for many years. Right now, ISIL’s primary focus is consolidating territory in the Middle East region to establish their own Islamic State. So they’re different organizations with different objectives.

“ISIL” refers to the pro-jihadist, Islamic state being formed in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. It’s clear (from these official White House words) that Obama does not see a jihadist Islamic state as a threat to the United States the way al-Qaeda was, and still is.

Why not? The very concept of “jihad” rests on a holy war against all things non-Islamic, including all things Western (particularly American) and secular. Perhaps most fervently of all, an Islamic state rests on the proposition that church and state must not be separated. Faith — Islamic faith, that is — must be merged with the state, and woe betide any or all who disagree.

There’s no rational basis whatsoever for distinguishing between the widely accepted evils of an al-Qaeda, on the one hand, and an Islamic state now forming throughout the Middle East. If anything, ISIL poses an even greater threat than al-Qaeda ever did or could. That’s because an underground group like al-Qaeda must operate in the caves, in the shadows and outside the open power and foothold of a functioning government. ISIL seeks to bring the jihadist goals of al-Qaeda out into the open, as one nation among others, with all the legitimacy accorded a nation.

Americans have been so saturated with unearned guilt that they can no longer distinguish between some private Muslim person practicing his beliefs without bothering anyone, and an Islamic state embodying those beliefs in ruthless and murderous practice. But regardless of what may be true of any particular Muslim, nothing changes the fact that a totalitarian dictatorship based on Islam is just as dangerous — both to its own citizens in most cases, as well as its mortal enemies in the Western world — as any other kind of dictatorship. Actually, an Islamic dictatorship would be more dangerous, only because its hatred of all things Western (especially American). For proof, simply recall 9/11.

Imagine a government — or a coalition of governments — in the Middle East, an “Iran times three,” devoted to waging holy war against the United States just as al Qaeda already attempts to do, on the run. Is this what we’re to believe is merely a “different objective” from what we’ve already seen with pro-Islamic terrorism to date?

Aside from unearned guilt, many Americans hold the false belief that the “Middle East doesn’t matter.” Well, if a significant and sudden reduction in the supply of oil and its impact on gas and fuel prices doesn’t matter to you, then so be it. But these are matters which affect everyone, including those who could handle a massive increase in oil and fuel prices. The presence of Islamic states devoted to launching attacks against Americans and other Westerners on their own soil should matter, as well.

Obama and his party continue to pay no political price for their negligent disregard of the fact that an Islamic state would be the greatest threat to the United States from the Middle East yet. On this subject, as so many others, too many Americans exhibit a lethargic and even fatalistic indifference. Why Obama won’t accept the obvious and treat the growth of an openly pro-terrorist regime of states in the Middle East as even a greater threat than al-Qaeda is anyone’s guess.

Regardless of his motives, a threat is a threat. Islam merged with government seeks to literally and psychologically put the lights out on civilization as we know it. If you value your life at all, you ought to be more than a little concerned.

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