Aristotle for the Twenty-First Century

No one loves the man whom he fears.

— Aristotle

Dictators don’t get it. They motivate by fear, force and terror; and then wonder why still nobody loves them, and their dictatorships never survive.

Family tyrants don’t get it. They motivate by fear, threats and intimidation; and then wonder why their kids never grow up to value or appreciate them.

Tyrants in the world of business don’t get it. They chop down their competitors rather than simply building up quality and letting the strength of that excellence and competence speak for itself; and they wonder why most of the world hates business, half of it probably for this reason.

Nothing worthwhile in human beings responds to fear, compulsion or intimidation. These qualities are only valuable for striking down evil, not fostering anything good or great.

If Aristotle grasped this thousands of years ago, why do so few understand it even today?

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