The Audacity of Socialism

“We’ve always been, and always will be, a triple-A country.”

So said Barack in a pep talk after the latest financial meltdown. Nobody listened. But probably most people agree. This statement epitomizes why Obama’s presidency is failing miserably, and why America’s economy is like a plane spiraling into an unwanted descent.

First of all, America has not “always” been anything. A few centuries ago it was wilderness, inhabited by savages. Two centuries ago, it was a much harder place to live than Western Europe. The American Revolutionaries weren’t fighting for creature comforts; they were fighting for freedom. America became the most desirable place to live because the people, over a remarkably short period of time, made it that way.

America became what it is because of capitalism and individualism, and the hard work and brainpower of millions of individual Americans. It takes capitalism and hard work to sustain it. There is still plenty of hard work going on in America, and our continued success is certainly in spite of, not because of, the government. Every day, the government hands out billions in redistributed wealth to people who feel entitled to it. This “wealth” is created by those who want to work. Occasionally, the wealth actually goes to people who both feel entitled and worked for it (e.g., those who pay large Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes).

America’s continued growth is not inevitable, as Barack implies, not only in this latest pep talk, but in all of his policies. He rammed ObamaCare through Congress on the premise that the American wealth machine would keep on producing, no matter how much you burdened it. He pushes for tax increases on the premise that although the American economy has stopped growing under the current tax rates, it will somehow start growing again under double or triple the tax rates. It’s not just Obama, but all liberals and socialists who believe this. Sadly, they always have.

America’s socialists, however, are spoiled. Unlike North Korean socialists, Cuban socialists, or Soviet socialists of eras past, American socialists already enjoy a nice big pot of wealth from which to redistribute. Socialists and communists in the rest of the world had to start out with poverty, and make the ridiculous claim that redistribution of wealth (wealth that hardly existed) would create wealth for all.

In America, it’s different. There is already a base of wealth creation. Socialists enjoy the support of the media and academia. Consequently, they get away with the claim that all good things that happen are due to liberal and socialist policies, and all bad things that happen are due to capitalists and Republicans. Most of the time, at least half the country — and sometimes more — are convinced this is actually true. That’s how we ended up with the travesty of “President Obama.”

But now, the socialists have hit a brick wall. Their policies will not generate economic growth. They can blame the Tea Party, the founders of the original American republic, George W. Bush — they can blame whomever they want. But the fact remains that this is all happening on their watch. The Tea Party got almost nothing of what it wanted in the recent debt limit deal. The Democrats controlled the entire federal government for two years, and still control most of it now. The Democrats’ only complaint in the debt compromise is that they didn’t get immediate tax increases, although they will get them once the Bush tax rates expire. And more taxes will come, unless the 45-50 percent of Americans who actually still claim (in polls) that Obama is a credible president don’t wake up and throw him out of office the first chance they get.

America is still producing, but it has stopped growing. The downgrade in its credit rating is not a total disaster. In a way, it’s a reflection of the fraud that has been government debt and spending for nearly a century. The fraud is now exposed. The greatest perpetrators of the fraud — Obama and his merry band of socialists who control almost everything at present — are blaming their chief victims. It’s like a robbery gone bad, where the robbers blame their hostages for making too much noise and bringing the police on the scene. That’s what Obama looks like when he has the audacity to get up in front of the world and lecture Americans on the consequences of his own bad policies.

Obama, who has never earned an honest private sector dollar in his life, lecturing the nation on the economy? It’s breathtaking. And not in a good way.

America’s continued prosperity is not automatic. It’s not guaranteed. It has to be carefully preserved and expanded. Liberals like Obama assume it will go on forever, and they’re angry at the prospect that this might not happen. Obama blames the Tea Party and Bush for all that ails us. Obama’s real enemy is reality.