What Should I Write in My Journal?

Questions to ask yourself in a journal:

What emotions do I feel right now?

What percentage of today (0 to 100) did I experience each of the following emotions: Anger; sadness, irritation; joy; contentment; anxiety; disappointment; frustration?

Which people or situations stand out most about today?

What troubling situation today, if there was one, reminds me of a prior troubling situation—either in the recent or distant past?

What attitudes did I exhibit, within myself today? Examples of attitudes include ‘can do’ attitude, pessimistic, cautious, negative, gloomy, upbeat, energetic, lethargic, and so forth. These are the attitudes I was aware of that nobody else was necessarily aware of.

What attitudes did I exhibit towards others today—which attitudes, when and towards whom?

What, if anything, did I reach a solution for today? If nothing, what, if anything, did I reach a partial solution for today—and what percentage of a solution do I have?

What attitude do I wish to project tomorrow (or today if it’s morning)?

What emotional state do I want to have dominated tomorrow (or today if it’s morning)?

Did I feel at all like a victim today (or yesterday)? If so, write down every detail I can remember. Looking at this situation objectively, do I have choices that I’m not exercising in order to make me less of a victim?

How would my hero operate in the same way I did today? How would my hero operate differently? Include hero’s mindset/attitudes as much or more than actions.

These are only a few.