The Inherent Madness of Liberalism and Socialism

It’s interesting how socialists blame violence, and the potential for violence, exclusively on people who disagree with them. Eugene Robinson of the “Washington Post” wrote that anti-Obama dissension is “calibrated not to inform, but incite.” Now when somebody speaks out against ObamaCare, simply informing people that it will regulate insurance companies to the point where either health insurance skyrockets in price or goes out of business altogether, thereby forcing everyone to live under Medicare, they’re simply informing people of facts. They’re telling people, “If you want government to be the sole proprietor over doctors and patients, then OK–but make sure that’s what you want.” This is what liberals call “inciting.” They don’t like it when people hold them accountable for their views. They become angry, irate or even enraged. They like it even less when their policies lead, in actual practice, to even worse consequences than their opponents ever predicted, as always happens. Liberals, at root, are not mad at “right wingers” or Tea Party activists. They’re angry at reality. It’s people who are at war with reality who end up taking up arms, in the end. They also go after freedom of speech, because, in their minds, if unpleasant facts or dissension can be made to go away, then reality itself will be different. (Win or lose in November, watch this to be liberals’ next step). At root, liberals are subjectivists. Subjectivists view reality as whatever feels pleasant or right to them in their minds, not ‘out there’ in the facts of logical, external reality. This, indeed, is the very definition of madness. This madness is what makes their liberalism possible, and is the central reason that no matter what the facts keep showing us, their liberalism and socialism will never go away ‘ for them.