Psychobabble Euphemisms, Contd.

Dear Dr. Hurd: In the Aug. 23 Daily Dose of Reason, you asked us to send in psychobabble euphemisms that we’ve heard, along with our translations. Here’s mine:

My ex-therapist: “You’re suffering from childhood trauma.”

Translation: “I’ve rooted out a sob story about you that I can use to whip up your shame and insecurities, convince you that you have big problems that you can’t deal with on your own, and keep you coming back into my office.”

“Childhood trauma” was the explanation that my ex-therapist gave for my fibromyalgia. I was skeptical, and indeed, I found the physical explanation and the cure after a couple of years of diligent searching. I became a participant in the cohort study (it is now in Phase 3 trials), had the self-discipline to comply with the treatment, and today I’m getting my life back.

Dr. Hurd comments: Another great story! Keep them coming in and I’ll publish as many as I can. Kudos to this reader for having the self-esteem to put one’s own mind and objective reality above the claims of a credentialed — but wrong — professional!