All I Ask From Others

All I ask from others is their own self-interest. I want them to be rational and self-interested when they drive on the highway, so they don’t hurt me or another. I want them to pay their bills and be productive, so they don’t drag down society morally and psychologically (as well as economically, in a welfare state). I want them to develop all their talents and skills, being as fulfilled as they possibly can be, so that the best and brightest among them will create and produce things of great value to me. I want to live in a culture where creativity and productivity rule, even when it doesn’t always affect me directly. I don’t want others (especially strangers) to do anything for me. All I want is for them to live their own lives in freedom and with self-responsible attention to their own needs, requirements, wants and desires. I don’t want to be forced to finance their ambitions and would never dream of asking anyone to be forced to finance mine. Self-interest means self-responsibility. The rest will follow.