Why Barack Doesn’t Care About the Economy

According to many economists, 125,000 new jobs are needed (in the United States) every month just to keep up with the population growth. At present, we’re only getting 71,000 new jobs a month. And there’s no guarantee we’ll continue even at that pace, with taxes set to massively increase, government spending growing every day, and government regulation and/or nationalization of various sectors of the economy happening at an unprecedented pace. Further, economic growth in the U.S. is slowing from an annual rate of 3.7 percent to a rate of 2.4 percent. Four percent is considered by most economists the minimum of annual growth in a healthy economy.

The President of the United States has said, in essence, don’t worry — be happy. He doesn’t really explain why, and no doubt this contributes to his declining popularity. Many think he doesn’t care. I maintain that he does care, only about something different from most people. Most people, including most economists, measure economic health by such things as economic growth, employment rates and the like. But this President, along with the leadership of this Congress, only seem to care about government. If government is growing and expanding, then (by their standards) all is well. To a Big Government politician, these are unprecedented party times, getting better all the time. The increasing unemployment and decline in economic growth — well, that just gives Big Government a chance to expand its welfare programs even further. Anything that advances the interests and growth of government is good; anything that reduces it is bad. American government now exists to serve itself, not anybody else.

Americans have to decide which is more important: The growth of government or the growth of the economy. Otherwise, they’re going to find out what happens to both government AND the economy when the economy stops growing. It’s not going to be pretty for either one.