Wise Words

Hi, I just thought I would drop you a note and share this with you.  I have an article from the April 21st edition of the Coast Press (think that was the publication — it’s cut off!)  My mom sent it to me … Your column that edition was about listening to yourself on important issues … at the time she sent it I was in therapy and working through some co-dependency issues.  I have saved the article and carry it in my planner to remind me that I should rely on myself first for decisions and that even when others might disagree with my choices if I feel I am making the best decision for myself that is what matters.  I just wanted to let you know that the column clipping has acted as a reminder of wise words for me.  I’m glad my mom read it and thought to share it with me and I wanted to share with you the impact it made on me.  I pulled it out today and reread it 🙂