Now They Know…Obama isn’t a “God”

Obama is down in the polls — but for the wrong reasons. Instead of being down in the polls for systematically destroying the economy through nationalization of private industry, devaluation of the currency, punitive taxation and unprecedented debt, he’s down in the polls for … not being a miracle worker, with respect to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Just as George W. Bush’s presidency crashed and burned not for his similarly stupid economic policies and for weakness towards Iran, but for failing to be a miracle worker after Hurricane Katrina, Obama’s presidency may collapse due to the oil spill. This suggests a weakness not in Bush or Obama, but in the American electorate. Presidents and governments are supposed to safeguard rights, not make everything OK. Nevertheless, I will say there’s justice in Obama’s political problems. He and liberals like him condemned Bush for not “caring” enough about Katrina. Now the same notions come back to haunt him. People are still wrong in thinking they are electing gods and mommies or daddies to take care of them. But Obama deserves to suffer politically for not living up to the myth he and others like him helped perpetuate.