Individual-Sized Rights

A reader writes in: “Dr. Hurd, in reference to your article on individual and property rights…don’t forget the airlines that require a ‘person of size’ purchase two tickets for one person to fly. Since the airline is privately owned, it’s their right to do whatever they wish with their seats. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this.  As a ‘person of size,’ I’d much rather have more room, not feel self conscious because someone is stressed about sitting next to me and I don’t want to be any more cramped than I need to be!  I know a lot of people claim this is prejudice too but it’s just a matter of space. At least to me.’

Good point! In a free society, a private company has a right to do what it judges best for its customers. As you point out, the whiners and complainers of the world fail to see how these “prejudiced” choices might even benefit them. There’s nothing to stop a competing or different airline from having a different policy. Only government can have a monopoly. People who hate capitalism, freedom and individual rights are confessing a hatred of choice — others’ choices, not their own.