Accidents Happen But Capitalism Always Gets the Blame

If profit and capitalism are to get the blame for an oil spill, then why don’t profit and capitalism get the credit for delivering affordable fuel to all of civilization 99 percent of the time, safely and effectively? If “more regulation” is the answer to creating a situation where there are no oil spills or accidents — ever — then precisely what regulation is to bring this impossibility about, and how will it do so? If the government regulators who are to pull this impossible feat off are so brilliant, they why aren’t they in the oil industry in the first place? These are the questions nobody asks, but they should. Blaming the errors of individual businesses or simple accidents on the capitalist system is like blaming illness and death on the fact that we breathe. After all, if there were no air, we’d all die and then there would be no need to cure disease. This is literally what the idiots running our government and the mainstream of our media and culture sound like to me. Is anyone else annoyed?