Immigration Isn’t The Problem

In a totally free society, immigration would not be an issue. This is because in a free society, nobody would be forced to take care of anybody else. In such a society, the only people who would WANT to come would be the most productive and those most capable of taking care of themselves. To those already living in the society, immigrants would not be a threat. In fact, they’d be welcome. “The more the merrier” would be the operative attitude, because more people would create more demand for more goods and services. Everyone would be producing to the best of his ability, and the economy would thrive. The “immigration problem” is actually not a problem. Republicans and Democrats both fight for maintaining and expanding an ever-more vast welfare/entitlement/redistributive state. THAT’S the problem. We don’t need an immigration bill nearly so much as a freedom bill. It used to be called the Constitution.