Pretending is not Foreign Policy

Obama recently said that the greatest threat to the world is a terrorist group obtaining a nuclear weapon — because they would use it without hesitation. OK, that’s obvious. But why doesn’t Obama treat the nation of Iran as a terrorist organization? Iran is the biggest known sponsor of terrorist attacks for three decades now. They make no bones about claiming it, and proudly so. All the available evidence points to their steady and calculated development of nuclear weapons, evidence nobody disputes. They openly state they intend to use these weapons once they are developed, first to incinerate Israel (whom the United States has recently abandoned) and next to utilize as blackmail against other nations, including America. Nothing in the words or actions of Iran’s government for the last 30 years suggests otherwise. Nobody acts on what they say as much as the Iranian government. They predicted they would rebuff Obama’s efforts at “peace talks” once elected, and they have indeed rejected every one of them.

So how are we to take Obama’s statements about the threat of terrorism seriously when his most important actions as President, to date, have ignored the most organized and dangerous terrorist threat on earth? Iran is an organized government, not merely a gang of semi-organized criminals hiding in caves. Iran is granted legitimacy, by the U.N. and the current U.S. Administration, as a serious government and uses this benefit to not so quietly build up its terrifying arsenal of nuclear mass destruction. There’s no telling, for certain, who will strike next in the war against freedom and civilization. Obama speaks as if al Qaeda is the only danger. But to evade the threat of Iran is like evading Hitler after he invaded Poland and began his march through Europe. Obama, like leaders back then, is giving us “peace in our time”–but it’s hard to imagine how much more time.