The Individual Bows to Nobody

Socialists and Christians both maintain that man serves a ‘higher power’ whether that power is the State or God. They go on to insist that we all must find and serve ‘something greater than ourselves.’ I argue exactly the opposite. I maintain that the individual’s life is an end in itself—not a means to the ends of others. There is, to each one of us, nothing greater than ourselves! The individual bows to nobody, not to any mystical, supernatural being, not to any designated supernatural authority on earth, and not to any ‘strongman’ in government. The individual’s life is an end in itself and an individual’s only obligation is to respect that same right in others. Government exists solely to ensure that the sovereignty and physical safety of each and every individual are left completely alone—most particularly from the intervention of religionists and socialists who have, regrettably, dominated most of human history.