Who Are You Angry At?

I blame a lot of anger management problems on supernaturalism. Yes, you read that right. Supernaturalism refers to any variation of the belief that reality has a will and consciousness of its own. All of religion is based on this belief. But even agnostics and atheists can absorb some of this false belief. When you believe that reality has a will and consciousness of its own, you actually get angry at reality itself when things go wrong — usually things that nobody could control, anyway. I ask people all the time, “Who are you angry at?” when they get angry at things nobody could control. The look of stunned surprise is amazing. I know a few religious believers who want to say — and some actually do say — ” I’m angry at God.” And then they feel horrendously guilty for blaming what they see as the source of all that is good in the world for their problems. Supernaturalism is bad news. This is only one of the reasons. But if you want to understand more about mental illness, mental problems and emotional angst in general, you’re going to have to look honestly at the huge role that supernaturalism plays in it all. For a lot more on this subject, check out my book GROW UP AMERICA!