Reason for the Unreasonable

How does one negotiate with a dictatorship — such as Iran? The dictatorial government does not represent the people; the government exists to enslave the people. How or why does the government of a basically free country negotiate with a bunch of unlawful thugs? The police don’t meet gang leaders or known murderers on equal terms. On the contrary, they arrest them, if it’s warranted. People talk and speak as if “negotiating” with Iran is the “reasonable” thing to do. It’s what “reasonable” people do — talk, and work out their differences. It appears to be of no relevance whatsoever that the people with whom our government expects to “reason” are people who enslave individuals, deny them their rights and, to top it off, are openly developing nuclear weapons that they have stated repeatedly they intend to use. I know that sometimes things have to hit bottom before they become clear. American policy towards Iran, which has been a total failure for the last 30 years, is about to hit rock bottom.  Maybe then, it will become clear to more people that our policy needs to be the total opposite of the current one. Don’t treat governments who sponsor most of the world’s terrorism as even capable of reason. Instead, you teach them to feel the terror that they try to impose on the world.