“It Isn’t Fair!”

I have a problem with the notion of, “It isn’t fair!” What exactly is “it”? Only individual people can be fair or unfair. You can say that Joe is unfair, or Suzie is unfair — but when you say “it” is unfair, you’re implying that something inanimate or unnamed is unfair. This makes no sense. You have to define what you’re saying, so you’ll know what you’re thinking. Otherwise, your mind will remain in chaos and you’ll of course experience the symptoms of depression, or anxiety, that we hear so much about. “It isn’t fair!” are really the words and sentiments of a child, who cannot yet grasp what justice is, that it’s something defined by people and practiced (or not practiced) by people. From a religious point-of-view (which I don’t possess, but many do), adults who feel “it isn’t fair” are really complaining about “God.” But that’s cheating, because if you really believe that a supernatural power with infinite wisdom has made everything so, then you should trust that Power to have good reasons even if they make no sense to you. If you’re vigorously rational, and don’t believe in supernatural powers, then you’d have to know there’s no evidence to suggest any “it” is controlling things and deciding when or when not to be fair. What is, is. That’s just how it is.