Socialism: No Protection from Religon

Aren’t liberals, for all their socialism, at least good for defending the right of people to be free from religion? No, they don’t even deserve credit for this. Liberal politicians resent the threat of competition. Religion is a threat to their personal power, and to their ideology of state control over the individual. Religion, to those who are serious about it, is a form of self-imposed slavery. Government doesn’t want citizens being their own slave masters; government wants to be the master. The idea of someone praying to a supernatural power, rather than paying homage to his own power, makes a power-lusting politician wild with envy. Liberals are into secular power, not the mystical kind. Just as Communist countries persecuted religion, the emerging Socialist State of America will do the same. This is no defense of religion on my part, as I am personally not religious. It’s just a recognition that in the quest for power, rule over the individual is the only motive.