Change to More of the Same

It’s said–correctly–that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, all the while expecting different results. What’s the word for proposing to do more of the same and pretending it’s different? That’s what our present crop of politicians are doing. Don’t like government managed health care? Then let’s have a government monopoly on all medical care. Don’t like government regulated and subsidized banking? Then let’s nationalize banking. Don’t like the results of government imposing union dictates on auto companies? Then let’s nationalize and use taxpayer dollars to fund and run auto companies. The list goes on and on. No wonder a growing number of people are so angry. Government is slowly taking over our lives. It’s wrong, it’s stupid and it doesn’t work. It’s the antithesis of freedom, the principle upon which America was founded and flourished under for a long time. To those who propose, in the name of “change,” having government take over everything, almost all at once, in one legislative session — well, those angry people at town hall meetings have said it quite well, as have others. Proposing more of the same and calling it different is not only insanity — it’s rotten and dishonest.