Mixed Message Noted

I agree with our current Secretary of State that Iran has no right to make a nuclear bomb. No group or gang of thugs or terrorists who refuse to honor the individual rights of their own people has a right to create weapons of self-defense–because, by definition, they would not be used in self-defense. Yet why does this same government who has no right to make nuclear bombs have a right to exist? According to this same Secretary of State and administration, the Iranian government has every right to exist and deserves a “place at the table” of civil governments who respect the individual rights of their citizens. The contradiction makes no sense. Don’t think the contradiction is lost on the Iranian government, either. Thugs and terrorists understand hypocrisy and inconsistency, and they exploit it wherever they can. So long as the United States continues to tell the Iranian dictators they have every right to exist but no right to defend themselves, they’ll proceed exactly as they have up to this point–up through and including the offensive use of those nuclear weapons, when and if they eventually have them.