“Meanness” Means What?

Everyone is so concerned about not being “mean.” We’re supposed to be nice to everyone, whether they’re particularly nice or fair back to us, or not. What about the people who ordinarily treat us well? Aren’t we betraying them by being nice to those who don’t treat us so well? We’re supposed to never discriminate or judge. I take this to mean that we’re not supposed to objectively distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong. Any attempt to do so, even rationally and objectively, is seen as automatically irrational, destructive–even illegal. Yet when you stop making rational distinctions, you have stopped thinking. You become arbitrary, unfair and truly mean-spirited when you give up thinking for the brutality and phoniness of “nonjudgmentalism” It’s the people who don’t think who are the meanest, most insensitive and most cruel, of all.