Big Government: No, You Can’t

We’re being told by our elected leaders that the only way to save the economy is to spend more government money–deficit-spending, of course.

If this is true, then it must mean that wealth is created by the government. But the government gets 100 percent of its wealth from the private sector. If government creates all wealth, then it’s really the private sector that creates all wealth.

And, since all wealth and money comes from the private sector, ask yourself which policy makes more sense: To tax the private sector more, or less? To regulate and control it more, or less? To feed the politicians more–or to ease the burden on those who create all that the politicians use to finance their power?

Did government create business? Or does business create government? The answer is as plain as can be. There was no Big Government in America until a century of Big Business had flourished first. The issue isn’t economic. The issue is moral. If the people who created all the money–small business as well as big business, individuals as well as corporations–had the moral conviction to stand up to the bullies who act like all that money is theirs, Big Government as we know it would be history. It would be instantaneous, and without ever firing a shot.

Rational economic policies, a better economy and a better world for everyone (except the moochers in Washington DC and elsewhere) will stem from one simple phrase, backed up by conviction and action: “President Obama and friends: No, You Can’t. It’s not your money. You don’t have my permission. You can act against my permission, but it won’t change the fact: It’s not yours.”