Absolutely Sure

Absolute certainty IS possible. This is self-evident. If it weren’t, then you’d be forced to claim: “I’m absolutely certain that absolute certainty is impossible.” Or, you’d be forced to claim: “I’m certain that I can be certain of nothing.”

At the same time, absolute certainty does not mean guaranteed truth. In other words: Just because it’s possible to be sure, or to be objectively right, doesn’t mean I’m right just because I say so. I have to PROVE it. So do you.

This applies not only to matters of science and philosophy, but also to matters of everyday life–say, to issues that arise in marital and business relationships. Proving your certainty is your own responsibility. And you cannot achieve it through slamming doors, shouting, maniplating, lying or intimidating.

The second worst type of person, to me, is the type of person who claims that certainty is impossible. This is idiocy and, usually, hypocrisy as well. The worst type of person, to me, is the type who endorses the idea of certainty while then proclaiming he’s right, but refuses to prove it. There is something worse–something darker, and more sinister–about this than mere idiocy or hypocrisy. This is the sort of person who gives certainty a bad name–and whom, you can be sure, is certain of nothing.