Separate–but Unequal–Coverage

Here’s an interesting question others have raised: Will members of Congress and the government be covered by the same public insurance plan soon to be imposed on the rest of us? Of course, the answer is NO. Members of Congress and other government officials have gold-plated health insurance. They can choose among competing private plans such as Blue Cross Blue Shield and all the rest. That’s never going to change. But will it? Socialized medicine, once legislated, will in effect put private insurers out of business. If members of Congress can no longer access private plans, what will happen to their industry-standard, gold-plated insurance coverage? It’s an interesting question. To answer it, we must draw upon the precedent of former Communist and other socialist dictators. They always got the best doctors and the best coverage. Under our forthcoming health care dictatorship, we can expect that Obama, Pelosi and Barney Frank will always get the best coverage as well. So those who will legislate us into government care will still get the best care (however rare that may be under socialized medicine), no matter what. Doesn’t that strike you as a conflict of interest much bigger than what we usually encounter in our nation’s capital?