Pulled my Heartstrings

“I just read your column, ‘Tips for Raising emotionally Healthy Kids.’ It was wonderful! I raised our two daughters using the 10 tips you described. Of course, back then, no one gave us tips. We just relied on how our parents raised us and we followed the rules of society. And, as with teachers (and I have trained many), there are people that are just ‘naturals’ at being parents. My children grew up to be emotionally healthy kids. One of my greatest accomplishments in my life!

On behalf of all the teachers in the entire country, we say thank you for the tips. These are the things we want to say to parents all of the time. Your column should be required reading for EVERY parent. What teachers know is that for the most part the parents that are not raising their children to be emotionally healthy are usually the ones that are not reading advice on child rearing. You are right! I have been saying for years that we are required to take classes for every other skill performed, but not to raise children, our most precious commodity. It’s just not right.

I enjoy reading your columns. I just had to comment on this one because it pulls at my heartstrings. So many kids get the short end of the stick when it comes to parenting.”