Would We Accept “Single Payer” Groceries?

Does “universal coverage” for medical care mean that any coverage is good, and that all coverage is created equal? If so, then why isn’t it this way with other things? Why isn’t it this way with cell phones, televisions, automobiles, computers, and groceries? In all of these areas, you have objectively better and worse products. In all of these areas, you have more or less equally good products that inspire different preferences in people. Imagine the grocery store with only ONE brand of spaghetti sauce, ONE type of cereal, ONE size and quality of ketchup, and ONE type of bread. On top of it, imagine all of these selected by a government agency and imposed on the population by Congress. I can’t imagine Americans ever tolerating this in groceries–or anything else, for that matter. Yet with health care, it’s somehow different. With health care, most of us cannot wait to turn the whole thing over to government. We don’t want to buy it. We don’t want to shop for it. We don’t want to make our OWN judgments about which treatments and procedures seem necessary, or a good deal (in consultation with a doctor, of course). Most of us think somebody else should PAY for it. And many of us think someone else should make all these decisions for us, too. Even if it’s the same kind of people who brought us the post office, the department of motor vehicles and the IRS?