Emotions Are A Choice

You can choose what you feel. How so? Because your feelings come from your thinking. If you only think about negative things, you’ll only feel negative. If you think in a more balanced way, you’ll feel more balanced. If the positive is absent from your consciousness and your intellectual viewpoint, it will also be absent from your emotional state. Since your reasoning is conscious and under your control–since you can choose to think whatever you want–then your emotions are under your control far, far more than anyone has led you to believe. Other factors–health, weather, circumstance–certainly can be influential. But they are secondary to what you think. If you don’t think anything in particular, then you won’t feel anything in particular. Or, perhaps you’ll be subject to what others around you think and feel. If this happens, don’t blame them. Blame yourself. And then start thinking. Think carefully, logically, reasonably and rationally. Look for the positive whenever possible. Have a relationship with your mind. And make your mind have a relationship with external reality.