Wow–The Era of Big Government Really IS Over!

I read that California’s state government is so bankrupt that it may go into federal receivership, with the U.S. government bailing it out. This will be a first in American history. California’s politicians act as if they are victims of some unforeseen natural disaster. Anyone with a shred of mental integrity knows that they spent the state into bankruptcy, with other people’s money–and now demand other people’s money from outside of their state, to clean up the mess. What happens when the other 49 states go into receivership? Will the federal government bail all of them out, too? And, when this happens, will the federal government go into receivership? Who will bail IT out? Certainly not private industry. Most of private industry is being bailed out (more by the day) by the federal government.

If there’s any silver lining in this unraveling disaster, it’s watching state governments fall to pieces from lack of money. Businesses cannot recover until government gets out of the way. The worse things get, the more people will be forced to realize that either government gets out of the way, or it’s the end of America. The end of government as we have known it–as a reckless, welfare-pressure group redistributive state–will be a great thing for mankind.  Either government as we know it goes–or we all go. I sure hope it’s the former and not the latter. But either way, Big Government has reached its closing chapters. The money has run out and the productive source of American energy–thanks to Big Government–is drying up. I’m so sad about the decline of American productive energy, but I’m so happy that government now has so much less to suck on.

I’m just starting to get it. The collapse of America, by definition, means the collapse of Big Government. If enough people want it, this can be a whole new beginning for America. Stay tuned and survive, if you can.