Relative or Objective?

Are things relative — or objective?

My answer: Both.

Here’s why. Imagine you and I are in a room together. We’re both looking at a lamp in the corner. I’m viewing it from the left corner, and you’re viewing it from the right corner. You can see an imperfection on the lamp I cannot. We have somewhat different perspectives relative to where we stand. Yet: It’s objectively one and the same lamp. That lamp is what it is–a lamp, with an imperfection–regardless of where you or I stand.

Here’s another example. Peter robs Paul; he takes $500 from Paul’s wallet. Peter gives you that $500. For you, that’s a benefit. For me, it’s neutral. You and I have relatively different relationships with Peter’s action. Yet, regardless of all that: Peter is guilty of theft. Theft is theft, no matter what you stand to gain, or not gain.

Life is full of relativity. But facts will always be objective. That’s just how it is.