A Rational Prayer for the Coming Post-Obama Age

In order to function in reality, I need to think. I think so that I can survive, flourish and live in the fullest sense of the term. In order to think, I demand freedom. Freedom entitles me to nothing, other than my right to think and act on my own behalf. Everyone else enjoys the exact same right. I am obliged to nobody, politically speaking, other than to respect the right of others to think, be self-responsible and left alone. So long as I am free, I will appreciate beauty and I will focus on the positive more than the negative. In a world filled with freedom, there will still be ugliness, but there will be far more goodness, and goodness is more important than ugliness. I will aspire to greatness, if I can, and I will always honor greatness. I know that greatness perishes without freedom, and without thinking, so I will honor freedom and thinking, most of all.