Whose Back?

“Obama has got my back.”

So says a campaign shirt worn by someone I saw out on the boardwalk recently.

The more accurate and objective way of phrasing this would be: “Obama has MY back–by reaching into YOUR wallet and giving ME what I want.”

It’s true that all politicians do this. But Obama seeks to take it to higher levels (including in dollars) than ever before. His attitude is smug and his premises support him–because he has, in his mind, morality on his side. If morality consists of forcing those who do produce to pay for those who don’t want to produce, then of course he’s right. The problem is that he could not be more wrong, and nobody will expose him for it. (John McCain sure won’t).

Unfortunately, the most productive upon whom Obama depends for his power and money are always in a minority. To get Obama off your back, treat him as the looter for which he is. Put him on the defensive and cut into that smugness. Yes, the way it looks now, he’s still going to win. But he should at least get a rough ride.