Greens: Get to the Point!

Here’s a question: If it will take 10 or 15 years for newly drilled oil to reach the American market, as liberals and environmentalists claim, then why wasn’t action taken 10 or 15 years ago–when President Clinton could have easily taken the lead on drilling?

Or, perhaps the environmentalists don’t want increased production of oil. Obama, in a recent interview, even conceded that he considers the restrictions placed on use of oil by higher prices to be a good thing, although it regrettably came along too quickly. Environmentalists better get their story straight. Either they oppose man’s use of fossil fuels, and man’s productive use of energy on earth–or they don’t. If they don’t oppose it, they should support every effort to obtain more of it. Oil is the only game in town until or unless new methods of energy use are discovered (and it won’t be government agencies who discover them). If it’s human civilization that environmentalists really want to inhibit–or even destroy–then let’s get it out into the open, and right now.