Peace In Our Time: The Sequel

It’s amazing to me when I hear someone say, as a recent CNN anchorperson did, that the existence of a nuclear reactor and likely weapons factory in Syria (aided by North Korea) is proof that we need yet another “arms treaty” with North Korea.

This is like saying that the existence of hostages, held at gunpoint, in a bank is proof that we need counseling sessions and government subsidies for the criminals holding the hostages. The United States government has allowed itself to be blackmailed by North Korea before. Blackmail has, predictably, led to more and more danger and escalation–the ultimate culmination of which can only be a nuclear strike against Israel, other American interests and ultimately, when possible, against America itself. Why this isn’t obvious to the typical CNN reporter or millions of others–none the least of which, our current President and Secretary of State–is beyond the pale of comprehension.

I suppose our best hope lies in the character of Israel’s government and the words of–of all people–Hillary Clinton. Israel, whom I do believe, has destroyed its enemies before and I think will do so again. Hillary Clinton has stated that if Iran or any other country attacked Israel, the United States would decimate them. Unfortunately, I don’t believe Hillary would do this–and, even if her words are to be believed, she would wait until Israel was struck first. (Would the same apply to New York City, I wonder?) Fortunately for Israel and the rest of the freedom-loving world, something tells me Israel isn’t going to wait too much longer.