Go Green!

Three or four decades ago, a group of leftist intellectuals started the “ecology movement.”

Its purpose was to undermine and destroy capitalism. How? By convincing a majority of Americans that the planet was hopelessly polluted and headed for destruction. It worked–sort of. Today, environmentalism and the “green” movement has become completely mainstream. But it’s no longer promoted primarily by left-wing intellectuals. It’s now being endorsed primarily by capitalists. For-profit corporations of every size, shape and kind are competing to show how green they are. Al Gore, the Pope of the environmentalist movement, is making literally billions of dollars off his claims that the sky is falling tomorrow–and you had better spend money on his products and movies now, or else die. He’s riding the wave of capitalism on the very ideological movement that was intended to destroy it.

To me, it’s all so hilarious and glorious. You see, capitalism is winning. It’s smarter, and better, than the people who are trying to destroy it. The smug Hollywood and Washington D.C. leaders of the green movement think they are defeating the things that they actually depend upon to win their battles: money, technology, science, and the good will of “moderate” millions who want a green society but an advanced, rich and technological society as well. The green movement started as an effort to destroy capitalism. It’s winding down, today, as a collection of petty political pressure groups that could never exist without the hated dollars of capitalism.

Go for the gold, Al Gore & Company — even as you preach in the name of green.