Command and Control Isn’t the Answer

I don’t understand this idea of asking which presidential candidate can best “manage the economy.”

The “economy” is not something to be “managed.” People pointed to former candidate Mitt Romney, for example, as an experienced and successful business executive. So what? This proves that he is capable at running his own particular business. It says nothing about him–or anyone–being able to command and control the productive enterprises of millions of people, simultaneously. Communism tried this and it was a spectacular failure, even on its own terms. Socialist democracies in Western Europe flounder when compared to the economy of the United States, whose socialist interventions–while no less destructive–have been smaller in number and intensity (so far).

What we need is a candidate–experienced in business, or not–who understands the destructive force of government in the economy, and is committed to getting government out of its way. Clearly, we won’t get that this year. Maybe another time.