It’s My Party, I’ll Cry if I Want to

I am so tired of watching Hillary Clinton cry.

If you take her tears at face value (and who really does?), she’s crying because of her fear for the country, as she claimed in one interview I heard. She would have us believe that her losing the Presidential election means a terrible setback for the country. Talk about ego–in the sense that people typically use this term, the sort of “ego” Hillary Clinton would be quick to condemn! But this phony sentiment falls flat, faster than donations to her faltering campaign. If the country is desperately in need of another statist politician who wants to increase taxes, restrict capital, impede defense spending, and further socialize health care and a host of other activities that should be made private, then we get at least as good a deal in Barack Obama. If her policies are what’s most important, then shouldn’t a more charismatic, even more left-wing candidate such as Obama ought to be given the reins of power, in the interest of the cause? He could probably get more passed than she ever could with his widely perceived charm. But then again, there’s someone in the opposing Republican Party who could pass even more of her legislation by “reaching across the aisle.” That man’s name is John McCain. If Hillary really cares about the advancement of her policies, she should support either Obama or McCain. The selfless thing (and it’s selflessness she upholds) would be … to bow out.