“Stimulate” the Economy?

Why should the government “stimulate” the economy? Productive people can take care of that.

The government needs to get out of the way. The analogy our leaders are using is interesting. They’re talking about a desire to give a “shot in the arm” to the economy. Shots are for people who are sick. Why is our economy sick? Yes, corporate and income tax rates should be lower. Government regulation, other than legitimate sanctions for fraud, should disappear. Health care should be completely deregulated, not nationalized. People should be set completely free. The need for economic “stimulation” is a symptom that our economy is being harassed far too much. Some of our political leaders are too stupid to realize this. Others know it full well, but are afraid to admit it. It’s politically unpopular to set people free, because it means telling people they’re more responsible for their well-being than they want to face. But in setting the economy free, they’re actually making it easier for the less able because those who are MORE able can create and produce the jobs and everything else that make an economy viable. Politicians can only slow it down, hinder it and harm it. The only thing government intervention in the economy does is make it sicker than it otherwise would be. How sad that in this presidential election year not a single major candidate shows even the slightest recognition of this fact.