How You Love

Do you love someone for what he has…or for who he IS?

Either motive is all right. But there is a difference between the two. And terms should be clear. Honesty works best, because then you’re not faced with a disillusioned partner.

Surely, the loves that last are the ones where each loves the other for who he or she IS. There are other kinds of love. They aren’t necessarily inferior, but they don’t last as long.

People should be honest with themselves. If you’re honest with yourself, it will be harder to betray or mislead another. And honesty with yourself is the way to show yourself respect. Introspect. Be honest about your motives. Don’t condemn yourself for having a “bad” motive. There are different ways and different reasons to love people. Just know what they are. Know what you’re doing, and live consciously at all times.