Honesty Is Easier

Q: Dr. Hurd, is it wrong to lie on my resume?

A: Yes, but mainly because of what it does to yourself. You assault your sense of pride and self-worth when you attempt to gain something for nothing, or something based on fraud. This happens whether anyone eventually finds out or not, and regardless of the reaction of those who find out. Of course, the fact that someone could find out and you live with this added stress is another reason not to lie on your resume, although not the primary one. People with low self-worth usually report a feeling that “I’m a fraud and am going to be found out.” Usually, this feeling is invalid because it greatly underestimates the very genuine accomplishments you have and that others see. However, if you have lied, this gives truth to the anxiety that tugs away at you. Who needs this? It’s easier and smarter to be honest, because being honest means being “real,” which is a lot healthier than being part of the unreal.